How do you rank higher in google searches? Here’s a simple approach

So, how do you get your site to rank higher in google searches? As the title implies, I have a simple approach that work well, all you need to do is focus on your online reputation.

What? Why in the world do you need to focus on your reputation in order to get better search rankings (or to make your rankings worse as others focus on their reputation if you ignore to focus on yours)?

There’s a simple answer for that as well….

Google wants to provide the best, most relevant search results to customers searching for things, like restaurants or service providers. It wants people to constantly use it’s search engine because they get the best results when they search. Why? it all comes down to ad revenue.

See, when more people search with google, there’s more opportunity for them to get paid from advertisers who put their links at the top and sides of the search results. In order to get the greatest number of people using their search, they want to provide the absolute best information they can so people continue to use them.

All that makes sense, right? Well, the reason reputation plays heavily into your search rankings because your business’ reputation is an important aspect into giving people the most accurate, relevant information to make a decision with.

Let’s illustrate this with a scenario.

Let’s say that you’re doing some research and looking for a heating and air company to give your unit a checkup before winter, and long before the cold sets in. So you navigate over to Google and search for “Heating & Air company *your city*” (ok, so you don’t really search on your city, just whatever city you happen to be in) and you see 3 options come up in the ‘local’ search area. Now, these 3 are what google considers the ‘best’ of the options listed in their directory. I don’t know how it is in your town, but usually, these 3 will have their reputation scores listed right near their name. They want to provide as much information as possible so that you have a good, easy buying experience.

Your reputation and reviews are important because it helps google build a ‘full picture’ of what your business is and who you are. Your rankings improve as the number of reviews you get increases and the quality of your reputation score improves.

Now that you now WHY it’s important to focus on your reputation, equally as important is having a system that focuses on getting your business feedback and using that feedback to encourage other customers to buy (they call this social proof), motivating your employees, and gives a way for customers that had a less than stellar experience a way to vent without it hurting your online reputation, all done automatically.

So do you want an automatic review gathering machine put in place for your business?

We are offering a 30 day full access free trial of our Feedback Loop System. You can use the system for a full 30 days and start getting feedback and reviews for your business immediately. Imagine getting review after review of people letting the whole world know about how great your business is and what that would mean when growing your business. You no longer would have hope that someone spread the word about your business, you would have complete control by being able to market you business using the reviews you were getting online. If after 30 days it’s not for you, you keep the reviews you’ve gotten and we go away, no harm done. If you want to continue with the service, we’ll get your billing information and charge you $99 per month.

If you would prefer a more hands off approach of reviews and feedback come back to you on autopilot, we have our White Glove Feedback Loop System trial offer, where you can try our done for you service for $495 for the first 3 months (that’s 3 months for $495, normally, this service alone is $495 per month). You apply to be part of this service. We spent extra time, energy, and effort making sure you get results, so we’re selective about who we accept into this program.

So you have 3 options now: 

  1. Click here to apply to work with us. We can implement a system like this for you and help you see results within weeks.
  2. Take the information we’ve given you and implement it yourself
  3. Go to someone else and have them build a system like this that will take months to complete (we say this from experience)

I hope this article will help you grow your business. If you have any questions, follow me on twitter @joshmwheeler. I’m always looking for questions to answer on my Periscope show #BoostScope (follow me on periscope if you have it too 🙂 )